What is Toonix?
Toonix is a safe online world where you can let your imagination go wild and create your very own Toonix avatar, play games and explore the Toonix Worlds.

How do I join Toonix?
It's FREE and easy! Just fill in a simple registration form and make sure your parent or guardian activates the account via their email.

Is Toonix really FREE?
Yes, is really free, we don't have any subscription fees or any micro transaction features. You will NOT be charged for creating and playing at All the virtual objects in the Toonix virtual shops are purchased by users using virtual coins they earn just by playing the game.

Do I need parental / guardian consent to play Toonix?
Yes, you need to provide your parent or guardian's email address to get permission to use Toonix. If you are older than 16 you can provide your own email address and activate the account yourself.

How do I activate my account?
When you register, you need to provide your parent or guardian's email address. They will receive an email from Toonix asking permission for you to join the Toonix World. If they accept, your account will be fully activated and you can enjoy all the available features.

I have deleted or lost the activation email, how do I activate the Toonix account now?
If you remember your Toonix user name and password you can login to your guest account and click on "Click here to remind parent to activate your account" at the top of your screen and a new activation email will be sent to the parent or guardian's email address. If you don't remember your Toonix name and password, you will have to create a new account and start over again.

How do I close my account?
There are two ways to close your account, you can either select the 'Close My Account' link within the Activation email or you need to first login to the referred Toonix account, click on the "Profile" button, then "Edit Profile" and "To close your Toonix accont click here" link and then press "OK".

I still cannot find the "close my account" button, where exactly is it?
If you have an account with Toonix, you must login first in order for us to know what exactly account you are referring too. We also need to make sure you are the owner of the account and that's the reason we will be asking you to login first. Once inside, look for your Toonix avatar at the bottom of the page (it should be the button on the far left side of your screen), click on it, then you will be taking to a page where you can change your Toonix. In the same page, you will find an icon that looks like "paper and pen" on the far right of your screen, click on it and you will see the option to close the account. Please note you can only close "active" accounts, if you or your child holds a "guest" account it will be deleted by us.

I forgot my user name or password
Click on the "?" question mark button on the Login screen and enter your username and parent or guardian's email address. You'll be sent a one-time login link so you can login to the site and reset your password.

My account hasn't been activated, why I can see and enter Toonix?
We have a "guest" mode on Toonix and you can enter the Toonix World, see what's around and do simple tasks but you will NOT be able to use any of the cool features like adding friends, sending gifts and messages, checking your sticker books or earning coins or XP.
To get full access you need to make sure your parent or guardian activates your account via their email.

Can I chat with other people?
No. Users can only send pre-defined messages to each other.

Can I upload images or videos into Toonix Worlds?
For safety reasons, you cannot upload any pictures or videos in the Toonix Worlds but there are plenty of cool pictures, virtual objects and games already there for you to have fun with.

What happens if I create a rude user name?
We have swear filters to help you choose a safe user name. If you manage to bypass the filter and create a rude or innapropriate user name we reserve the right to suspend your account.

Can I use my real name to name my Toonix?
We recommend you don't use your real name for your Toonix. Create an easy to remember fun or funny name instead.

Why I cannot find Toonix in other languages than English? is currently only available in English language and there are no dates to launch localised versions but we are constantly looking at translating our successful online products to other languages overtime so watch this space.

I have a Toonix but I cannot move, how do I walk and jump?
You need to use the 4 arrow keys on your keyboad to move your Toonix. I press the "space bar" to jump.

I have entered Toonix but everything is greyed out and I cannot click on anything, what do I do?
The first time you enter Toonix, you will be required to do the training. It's a very simple step by step "how to use Toonix" process. The Toonix trainer (the one with a sports headband on) will be giving the instructions. Just follow them and you will be playing Toonix in no time. All the buttons will become activated once you finish the training.

Why I cannot play Toonix on my tablet (i-pad) or phone?
Because Toonix was created using a Adobe Flash Technology which does not work in most tablets and phones. Many other similar games or virtual words in the market don't work either because they use the same technology too. can only be played via desktop personal computers or laptops.

I really would like to play with Toonix but I don't have access to a desktop computer regularly, what can I do?
You can download a FREE Toonix app for your mobile phone or tablet from the Apple Store or Android app Google Play Store. The Toonix app has limited feature if compared to the game on but you can create a Toonix and change it the way you like; and you can also play a game where you poke or shake it, gently of course!
Visit this link to download the Toonix app:

What do I do if I have log in problems or want to report an error or submit a complaint?
You can click on "help" at the bottom of the page or send an email clearly explaining the problem to

I want to submit ideas for Toonix, what do I do?
You can click on "ideas" at the bottom of the page or send an email clearly describing your ideas to


What are the web browser requirements to best view and play Toonix?
The Toonix site has been created to work best with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Firefox 6.0 or higher, Safari 3.0 or higher and Chrome 16 or higher. If you have an older version, please visit the official website of your respective browser to download an upgrade.

What's the best computer monitor size to view and play Toonix?
Toonix was designed to be viewed and played on a computer screen size 1024x768 pixels or above. If you can only see a portion of the page in your browser window, check your monitor's settings to adjust the screen size.

What type of computer do I need to play Toonix?
2.6 Ghz processor, dual core
Windows XP/Vista/7
At least 1GB of free memory
Sound card and suitable drivers

Intel processors only, dual core 2Ghz
OS 10.4 and upwards
At least 2GB of free memory

Why is Toonix taking a long time to load?
Toonix is a large game and it works best on computers with faster processors and you need to have a fast connection broadband or equivalent. Toonix will not run on dial up connections.

I have broadband but Toonix is still taking too long to load, what's going on?
Toonix requires Adobe Flash 10 Player or higher to work. If you don't have it, click here to download it. Toonix is also a large game and it has many files to load to work and this process can take a little while to complete. The other reason Toonix might be loading slowly is because there are a lot of people playing the game at the same time. If it's not working for you, please come back a bit later.


How do I activate a Toonix account?
You or your child should visit and create a Toonix and fill in a very simple registration form. Then an activation email is sent to the parent or guardian's email address with a link or button to activate the account. Once the account is activated, you will be taken to a page where you can finalised the registration by entering the name, date of birth and gender of the child. After that it's all done, the account is created.

My parents haven't received an activation email to fully activate my Toonix account.
Firstly, try to resend an activation reminder to your parents by clicking on the ‘Click here to remind parent to activate your account’ link on the top of the screen once you've logged in.

If they still don't recieve it, it may be because the email address was entered incorrectly. If you think this is the case, send your username and email address to

Also get them to check their "spam" folder just in case it's in there.

Toonix doesn’t load when my parent clicks on the activation email.
Try clicking on the activation email at a different time of the day such as in the morning rather than in the afternoon as it might be that your broadband internet speed is slower at this time, or that the amount of traffic to Toonix is also causing the site to slow down.

The button in my activation email doesn't work.
If the button doesn't work when you click on it, there is also a link just below the button in the email that you can copy and paste into your web browser.

I have tried to register my account using my phone or tablet (ipad), why doesn't work? was created using Adobe Flash technology and unfortunatelly it doesn't work on mobile devices or tablets like ipads. However, we are always improving our games and products and soon you will be able to create a Toonix account and activate it via your phone or tablet.

I tried to activate a Toonix account using my phone or tablet (ipad) and it didn't work, why?
At the moment you need to use a desktop computer to register and activate a Toonix account. We are working hard to resolve this issue and soon you will be able to create and activate an account using your phone or tablet (ipad).

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